About BEKA

Beck u. Kaltheuner is a modern, medium size company, established in 1953 in Plettenberg, Western Germany.

Consequent developments and forward-looking strategies allowed the only nationally operating company to grow into the present-day enterprise which is known as well-respected and international refractory supplier.

The current product range comprises the production of unshaped refractories and their installation as well as the manufacturing of pre-shaped refractory blocks for complex furnace systems of all designs.

Beck u. Kaltheuner is your partner for the supply and installation of refractory products for the iron and steel producing industry and refractory linings for annealing and reheating furnace systems. We also supply refractories for refineries and recycling operations.

Our technically trained sales personnel services especially the following applications:

  • Blast Furnace
  • Annealing and Reheating Furnaces
  • Steel Plant
  • Steel Mill
  • Foundries
  • Aluminium Industry

Flexibility and short delivery times are our guiding principles!

For more than 50 years Beck u. Kaltheuner supplies refractories and related services to Europe, Brazil, Mexico , Russia, USA, Near East and India.


In the year 2001 BEKA established its office location in Duisburg, especially with a view to extend its activities in the Blast Furnace segment. This strategic decision really paid off and in 2007 BEKA built its own branch facility in the South of Duisburg. Today this office houses the Blast Furnace, Steel Plant and Coke Oven Plant Division of BEKA.

Additionally Duisburg is the home of the extensive train of machines which are managed and serviced here. Due to the proximity to various Blast Furnace, Steel and Coke Oven Plant operations the Duisburg office is one of the center pieces of BEKA.

Research and Development

An experienced team is dedicated to the development and improvement of our refractory products on our sights in Plettenberg. Their experience about technical requirements for our products as well their expertise about the procedural criteria of our customers' plants and the raw materials used form the basis for a continuous development of our products.

Thus, we are well equipped to meet modern quality standards and to realize new ideas!

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