Concrete / Precast Shapes with infiltration guard

Concrete / Precast Shapes with infiltration guard


Heating Duct Covers

End Wall Columns

End Wall Frames

Flame Hole Covers


Primary Aluminium


Anode Baking Furnaces

Beck u. Kaltheuner offers proven refractory linings for heating walls of anode baking furnaces as well as ring chamber pit furnaces with pre-shaped refractory blocks.

Refractories with infiltration guard!

Try to imagine a life without aluminium: soda cans, automotive parts or your new bicycle. There is a hardly a material as versatile as aluminium!

Secondary Aluminium

Beck u. Kaltheuner supplies high quality refractories and pre-shaped blocks for your melting process. Whether it is about transport ladles, runner systems or the lining of smelting and reheating furnaces: we have got the solution!

Refractory linings are especially challenged when they come in contact with liquid aluminium. Our Bekafix AL product range offers excellent non-wetting properties!

Next to the indispensable infiltration guard our products offer further advantages:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Temperature resistance till 1500°C and higher
  • Temperatur shock resistance
  • No inclination to corundum formation
  • Least possible shrinkage at maximum temperatures

Our product range for the aluminium industry comprises conventional concretes, LC and ULC concretes, gunning, shotcast and repair mixes, as well as pre-fired block with corresponding anchoring system.

This range – especially developed for smelters, recycling furnaces and foundries – helps you to improve operational safety while at the same time increasing the plants profitableness.

  • by courtesy of Andres Giessereitechnik Germany

Traditionally the heating walls are lined with refractory bricks. Our block system design offer significant advantages: on one hand the installation becomes a lot easier and on the other hand our system offers a high resistance to temperature shock.

We are very experienced with the two common techniques and offer complete new linings as well as hot plug-in repairs of furnaces. Please contact us for more information!

We offer complete and working solutions for all common furnaces type such as:

  • One- or Multi Chamber Furnaces
  • Shaft Furnaces
  • Induction Furnaces
  • Circular Melting Furnaces
  • Rotary Tunnel Furnaces
  • Controlled Volume (Dosage) Furnaces

BEKA’s service begins with our in-house engineering, a valuable contribution to the later project documentation.

Upon selection of the suitable products and form of delivery we will build the refractory lining by means of our experienced installation crew, which will expertly put in place the multi-layer lining including the back insulation.

We proudly point to demonstrably longer service life for areas with contact to liquid metals, despite of highest temperature burdens and various slag compositions.

Close cooperation with renowned furnace system specialists and operators as well as various universities allows us to supply custom-fit solutions for your furnace type.

The lining of your furnaces will be individually planned based on the production parameter. This enables us to successfully confront the different alloys.

We dispose of extensive technical findings which allow reliable conclusions with regard to life time expectancies.

Trust in our experience and arrange a technical discussion with our experts!

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