Prefabricated Coke Oven Door Plugs

BEKAFIX 1280/10
Prefabricated Coke Oven Door Plugs

BEKAFIX 1220/10
Prefabricated Coke Oven Door Plugs

Gunning Mix for door frames

Coke Oven Plants

For more than 10 years Beck u. Kaltheuner is successfully marketing its unique door plug system with bolt anchoring for coke oven doors.

Coke oven doors with a plug lining of prefabricated refratory shapes offer significant advantages over brick work or cast in-situ doors : constant quality, short installation time, lower porosity and easy damage repair.

Additionally you will reduce your stock costs, as you need less prefab shapes at hand. Contrary to brick work doors BEKA’s door plug system does not require any brick holders. And with the use of lightweight concrete the door weight can be reduced considerably (up to -25%).


Our door plug lining system would not be complete without the use of a bolt anchoring. In contrast to the classic method (screw anchoring) our system guarantees a tension-free fastening of the blocks and prevents a weakening of the shape on the coke side.

At the same time the blocks can easily be removed by loosening the bolt anchoring.

And yet another benefit: Integral parts of the anchoring system are re-usable!

Installation Time

Every industry is striving after reducing cost as well as saving time.

The installation time of prefabricated door plugs can be reduced up to 75 % compared to brick work doors. And the same is valid for required manpower!

If you like to know how to save time and money with our system, please contact us today!

Over the last 10 years, the door plug system of Beck u. Kaltheuner has been installed in over 2000 Coke Plants worldwide.

Trust in our experience!

Our offer for coke oven batteries:

  • Unshaped refractories
  • Shaped Blocks for Coke Oven Doors
  • Inspection Hole Blocks
  • Standpipe Lining
  • Valve Cover Linings for Dry Quenching Units
  • Socket Blocks for Standpipes
  • Products for Heat Recovery Coke Oven Doors
  • Damper Wall Blocks for Heat Recovery Coke Oven Doors
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