Furnace Systems


Walking Beam Furnaces – 64 Furnaces in 14 countries since 2000

Walking Hearth Furnace – more than 5.300m2 hearth area in blocks since 2000, biggest hearth area in blocks: 380 m2; biggest hearth area cast in-situ: 560m2 in 4 furnaces; highest service life for profiled hearths

Pusher Furnace – 15 complete systems since 2001, load bearing system in blocks or cast in-situ

Flat Hearth Pusher Furnace– 8 systems since 2005, high wear-resistant - installation, longlife roof designSpecial solution for tilting edge areas

Rotary Hearth  - 74 systems of average 10-46 m diameter-

Rotary Table Furnace – More than 60 projects, special dome solutions, Roof made of sandwich blocks, high wear resistant floors, hearth block design

Car Bottom Furnace– 185 systems with 25 to 160 m2 surface area

Chamber Furnace– More than 260 high wear resistant installations;hot bed underlayment in block design

Trolley Hearth Pusher Type Furnace – 4 complete systems, special solutions for car bottom installations, high pressure resistant footing beam blocks

Roller hearth furnace –more than 12 systems, special solution for roller sealing, roller design in blocks, length up to 80m; service temperature till 1300°C and H2 atmosphere

  • by courtesy of Baettenhausen Germany

Pit Furnace – 18 systems, service temperature up to 1.350°C, single chambered furnaces with up to 70 m2 hearth surface, multi chambered furnaces with partition wall block system

  • by courtesy of VKK Koethen, Germany

Boiler Plant – over 28 systems, up to 11 MW burner capacity and up to3m burner diameter

Aluminium melting furnace – Shaft melting furnaces, scrap melting furnaces, annealing furnaces , round melting furnaces, metering and induction furnaces

Rotary Furnace - Fully concreted rotary pipes Hazardous waste incinerators in Full-Line Service till 1450°C, special system for uncooled front walls

Sintering Plants - Rammed door blocks, Roof design in sandwich blocks

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