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Standard Products

For more than 50 years we supply purging ceramics to the steel industry. Our specialities are precast shapes which conform to highest quality standards, f.e. purging plugs und well blocks

Our products are made with the lowest possible manufacturing tolerance and guarantee repetitious results and operational safety.

Converter Plugs

Since decades Beck u. Kaltheuner supplies converter plugs 100% reclaim free. The plugs are tempered at 400°C and offer highest closing rates.

Save space and costs by ordering our simple and patented clip-connection.

Delta Blocks

These precast blocks have their own dedicated modern production line, which allows the fabrication of shapes up to 20 tons.

The delta blocks are subjected to a protracted thermal treatment in designated furnaces. This creates maximum predictability with regard to block life time.

Additionally we adjust the block properties to your slag composition and temperature conditions.

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